• Healing The Shadow Self

    Our shadow side are those aspects of ourselves that we know are there, but often pretend (and wish) that aren't. They include our fears, destructive patterns, soul fragments, limitations, anxieties, hates and repressed issues. …
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  • Chakra Balance

    Receiving a relaxing chakra balance can help bring our energy bodies back into alignment. We are often times plagued with daily life stresses and perhaps toxins from our environment and food, making our system sluggish and tired. … read more


What Is Energy Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is based on physical muscle corrections and body alignment as well as energetic corrections that change and assist energy flow that in turn brings relief from physical and emotional pain within the body and mind.

Kinesiology is based on the study of anatomy and is based in science, Chinese meridian and acupressure systems as well as chiropractic processes and many more wonderful corrections from many modalities around the world.
We ask the body/mind what it needs to activate healing. It works through muscle testing. The muscle and nerve endings communicate to the subconscious mind. We can ask through an indicator muscle that is communicating to the mind what is ‘off-balance’ or out of tune in the body and mind.

We ask the mind/body what it would like to correct the imbalance with, to better help energy flow and correct physical and emotional imbalances. Kinesiology can also help improve on anything that we currently are ‘stuck around’.

We often have triggers, engrained ways of thinking, sabotages, pain in the body or mind, or are simply out of balance from stress, environment or feeling overwhelmed. Kinesiology assists the body, spirit and mind to find resolution, feel resourceful, balanced and differently about the situation or imbalance. Kinesiology facilitates the body in triggering its own innate healing ability through the use of Kinesiology Corrections.

My Contact Details

Donovan Rabie - Energy Kinesiologist

Rates - R320 per session

Contact Number : 078 952 0328

Email Address : donovan@donovanrabie.co.za

Lonehill, Johannesburg