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Past Life Regression - Johannesburg

Past Lives... What Are They And How Can They Affect Us?

We may have past lives that are effecting our current life. Unresolved energetic ties or circumstances that are trying to get your attention through various forms. We may also 'host' our parents, grandparents and up to 7 generations back of DNA and 'stuff' that is not ours but yet we carry these events in our cellular memory. Once we look at them and acknowledge them and the events that occurred and the people that where involved, we can then let it go. The great news is that any work you clear on your generations and yourself, assists 7 generations moving forward, helping to free your children and their children to live their authentic spirited lives rather than the burdens of generations past.

Increase Confidence With Hypnosis

Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. When we feel confident, we accept ourselves and believe in our abilities. When we don't feel confident, we can become stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy. Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer with and can be a result of many factors like fear of the unknown, low self-esteem and fear of other people's perceptions.

Stress Management

Dealing With Stress

We all experienced stress at one stage or another. It can be caused by our professional or personal lives, and each individual will cope with it differently. What one person may regard as highly stressful, another person may regard as highly motivational. Problems occur when individuals perceive themselves as unable to cope with the level of stress they face.

Sleep Disorders

How Hypnosis Can Help With Sleep Disorders

Sleep is an essential component in our continuing health and well-being. It is an important process. The restorative cycle of sleep means the body is able to rest, refresh, recover and continue functioning normally. For many of us, sleeping is a natural part of our routine.