• Money Mastery Coaching

    Discover why you aren't living a rich and successful life. Find out what is blocking you and how to move beyond your limitations. It's time to move toward your successful financial destiny.

  • Reiki & Coaching

    With the healing power of reiki and the awareness techniques of life coaching, you will be able to feel balance, have a clear perspective and ready to get back on track in your life.

  • Authentic Leaders Are Created

    The holistic leadership practise of inspiring a shared vision so great that it inspires others to tap into their own creative, talented and skillful genius in order for the vision to be realized.

  • Feeling Stuck in Life?

    Transform from feeling blocked and stagnant in your life to flowing and inspired. A coach will guide you over your obstacles and help you see your problems in a new light, so that new action can take place and better results achieved.

  • What Is Your Life Purpose?

    Why are we on this planet and what are we really meant to be doing? What is this thing called 'life purpose' and 'personal transformation'. Every being is intended to be on earth for a certain purpose." Sa'di, 12th Century Persian poet



Coaching And Its Many Aspects

A Broad Spectrum. The life coaching industry includes many different avenues of which to explore. I have found that money mastery, authentic leadership, life purpose and transformational coaching have really allowed me to help not only my clients lead empowering lives, but mine as well. Coaching is an incredible tool to help a person see beyond their own limiting views, beliefs and assumptions. It teaches the true value of living a life of your dreams.

Moving Beyond Limitations. We are all capable of many great things, but we must be willing to think, believe and act in a manner that is conducive to creating a successful lifestyle. Life coaching will help you to understand that when we want to change and we meet the many obstacles that come with that change, its not so much about wishing that the obstacles can get out your path to success, but more about understanding that the obstacles ARE the path to success.

Reiki Healing

A Japanese technique. Reiki is a Japanese technique stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is a gentle non-invasive hand on energy therapy to help bring the body back into balance, cleanse the body of toxins and speed up and strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself.

An abundance of energy. It is believed that we are born with an abundance of energy. When we are young, we are able to replenish it easily but as we get older, it is not as easy to do.  The result of this is a lack of energy which may lead to imbalances in your energy system, which could lead to ill health or imbalances in our lives.

Universal energy. This energy can be found in many ways in order to replenish yourself.  Reiki is one of those ways. By channeling universal energy, the Reiki Practitioner is able to facilitate the flow of energy in and around a person.

The power to heal. We have the power to heal our own lives. It helps to have somebody facilitate the healing but ultimately we are using the channeled energy and replenishing our energy reserves, clearing out the old and filling in any imbalances. Our divine innate knowledge channels the energy where it is needed and thus we are able to heal ourselves.

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Honest Money Communication

Talking money can be a hot topic in families. By hot, I mean volatile. It is a subject that can create tension and unease if not handled correctly. Most people not only don't how to manage money correctly, but further, are not educated on how to communicate effectively about their money concerns to their family and loved ones. If we are able to educate ourselves and our family on money matters, we will start to notice less unnecessary debt, healthier family dynamics and wiser spending decisions.
Ignorance on personal money matters is a dangerous game to play, so it is crucial that at the very least a basic understanding of the game of money is learned. A great starting point is to learn how to openly communicate your financial issues with your partner in a way that creates less conflict and more awareness & understanding between each of you.

We all come into a relationship with our own money baggage, which usually is so attached to us that we don't even notice how much our baggage influences our everyday thinking and decision making. We like things done (or not done) in a certain way, so anything that contradicts that way will be scrutinized and judged.
With that being said, once you engage in a long-term relationship you will eventually experience moments when you question why your partner thinks, acts or behaves the way they do.

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"I found that there were a few areas in my life that I was not moving forward with because of financial issues. I knew that there was a problem but didnt know what it was. With Donovan's help, we found my stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs and with practical guidance and steps, I was able to get excited about money, feel empowerd, worthy and take action!"

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