Soul Healing Therapy

Soul Healing Therapy

Soul healing therapy is a cross between hypnotherapy, past life regression, spirit releasement therapy and shamanism. The soul healing therapy method recognizes all dimensions of a person which includes, but is not limited to the physical, emotional, spiritual & metaphysical. With the assistance of hypnotic trance, the client identify & resolve deep-seated negative behaviour patterns, destructive dynamics and and limiting lifestyle choices that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness.

Past Life Regression

Exploring Past Life Regression Therapy

Who are we? Why are we here? Who sent us? These are just some of the puzzling questions that have been asked by many people. Its as though something inside of us knows something, but we either aren't listening as we should or we aren't interpreting the message correctly.

Soul Healing Retreat - Spiritual Retreat

Why Host A Spiritual Retreat

I believe that souls around the world are starting to wake up to their true nature. I believe these souls are yearning to follow their true path. I believe many of those souls are living right here in South Africa.

Beat Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

Take Back Control From Anxiety

Anxiety and its related conditions are among the most common psychological concerns facing our modern society. Affecting everyone from children to teens and men & women, with women being at higher risk for panic attacks.

A New Paradigm Awaits You

... But What is a Paradigm?

A paradigm is essentially a model that is governed by a set of laws or rules. A paradigm can be the general perception of how the average person tries to make sense of the world around them. Their brains will take in the 5 sensory cues (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste) at that present moment and then allow their beliefs, values & assumptions to build a story so they can make sense of what is going on.

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What is the law of attraction?

The new-age movement has brought with it the concept of the law of attraction. This concept has created alot of confusion as to how it works. It was while watching the movie "The Secret" where I first heard of this. They stated that your thoughts create your reality and therefore you must think about what you want in life and it should present itself you.... sooner or later.

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What does it mean to walk the spiritual path?

You are the centre of your universe. Your life is about you and the many experiences you will go through. Whatever you decide to do, or as is often the case, not do, is up you. If your life is run by fear and you don't want to ever leave your comfort zone, then that is your choice.