About Donovan Rabie

Best known for his ability to get to the heart of the matter in his coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, Donovan Rabie is able to profoundly transform his clients lives by working with the fundamental truths of human behaviour. He is a qualified life coach, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and mindfulness practitioner. His emphasis on the holistic nature of personal growth, healing and excellence go hand-in-hand with his unique methods, skills and abilities.

With a deep interest in hypnosis, linguistics, psychology, human motivation & excellence, consciousness research, and philosophy, Donovan is a life-long student of the mind and is fascinated how "people tick."

His Approach

Using a collection of powerful tools to create personal change & transformation, Donovan embraces what he knows with honour & respect, and this is reflected in the results he is able to achieve.

He approaches every clients as an individual and seeks out what will be the best steps for them going forward. From CEO's, housewives's and entrepreneurs, each client is able to push past their limitations and reach for the success they deserve.

Donovan is a true believer that one must lead one's own life from the front and he demonstrates this attitude in his own life, as it is important to always be your best self.

"The mind is like putty. It can be shaped, re-shaped and molded into a thing of beauty."
- Donovan Rabie