* Firstly let me assure that I am no guru or mystic and my knowledge is still very limited on this vast subject, but I have learn't a few insightful gems along the way. *

1. It all starts and ends with you

You are the centre of your universe. Your life is about you and the many experiences you will go through. Whatever you decide to do, or as is often the case, not do, is up you. If your life is run by fear and you don't want to ever leave your comfort zone, then that is your choice. Likewise, if you dare to live an adventurous life, then that is your choice as well. We have a beautiful gift called Free Will and we exercise it all the time. The Earth is your play ground and you can choose to have fun with it, or you can sit in corner and watch.

2. Embrace every moment

You are not the victim of life and life is out to get you. You are an active participant in this reality just like the rest of us. When bad times come about, try to embrace it for what it is. Do a deep internal search for any meaning that the moment may be presenting you with. And then when the moment is over, allow yourself to let it go and move on. Likewise with positive moments. Embrace them fully because they are fleeting.

3. Meditate

You may be thinking: "But what's the point of meditation and why does everyone go on about it?"
The stillness that can be found with practice can profoundly connect you to a silent part of yourself which so wise, ancient, connected and unified to everything else that you will know first hand how mystical your life really is.

4. Learn to appreciate yourself

Most people struggle to appreciate their "ordinary" self and their "ordinary" life until it is threatened with potential destruction. Listen to your heart beat. Feel your lungs breathing for you. Move your fingers and toes. Watch the simple moments in your life. Drink some water. Look up at the trees in the day and the stars in the night.
Damn Son!.... You got it good!
Life is made up of many simple moments. Just watch when your life becomes a chaotic mess how fast you will wish to have those simple moments back.

5. All you have is this moment

The past and the future don't exist. They are not real. The only real thing that exists, is this very moment. We are eternally locked into this moment forever. Think about this... 10 years from now you will still be in a "this moment". You won't be in the future. You will be in the here and now. The same applies to your past. Its gone! The only reason why you think its real is because you have a fragmented memory that generalised, distorted and deleted information from a time in the past. Your mind chose only a select bit of information to hold on to and discarded the rest.
This moment is a blessing! Cherish it because its beautiful!

6. Have some fun and laugh a little

Everyone is so damn serious all the time. The only time people think its alright to let their hair down is when alcohol is involved and once that's over its back to being serious.
Learn to laugh at yourself and how serious you think you need to be. Start using your body in which ever way you want. Have some fun for the sake of it.

7. Time waits for no one

There will never be the perfect time to wait to get on with whatever it is that you are stalling in your life. More than likely the only reason why you are stalling is because you are either scared to fail, you not quite ready, or you are worried what others will think.

8. Cherish this planet

This is your home. Literally everything you need is here! This beautiful planet is more alive than you can imagine. It is such an honour to be on the 3rd rock from the sun. Just try hold your breathe for as long as you can and you will quickly start to become of aware of the blessing of Mother Earth.

9. Logic is overrated

Logic is cool and all that stuff. It helps with our daily routines and the general aspects it was designed for, but it is very limited. Your sense of logic only sees life through a small key hole and thinks there is nothing more. Just consider dreaming, death, NDE's, astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, mediumship and ESP. Logic can only take you so far and then the rules of logic start to fall apart.

10. Everyone is on the spiritual path!

Every single one of us is here doing our spiritual thing! Even the most disconnected people are still on a spiritual journey just like you. This realm is the spiritual realm. Walk every moment of this path and watch everyone else walk their path because we're all in it together my friend.

Thanks for reading,

On April 16, 2019