Your Life Should Be Great

Has your life got you so busy being busy that you have stopped living? It is a damn shame that there is so much unique and infinite potential within each of us and yet most of us may never even get a glimpse of what was possible. Going through the motions in life is one of the saddest things to witness in our culture. We are standing at the edge of a pinnacle moment in human history. Never before have we had so much access to knowledge, connections, ideas and resources. Our global society has allowed us to explore the beginnings of an unlimited internet potential. We have been gifted with powerful minds that can build cities, create revolutionary products and help change the lives of countless people. Your life should be great. You life should be epic! Your life should be a master piece... And it can be!

The Sad Thing Is...

There is a silent disease lurking in the shadows. It is more powerful, more contagious and more deadly than anything out there. It's commonly known as mediocrity, but I call it Dull Un-used Mind (DUM). A life half-lived. Like a dull drama, it was okay, but nothing special.
If a persons potential is not discovered and explored, they will always feel like something is missing in their life. There will always be a void that money, holidays, addictions and possessions can't fill. There is only one thing your soul wants to achieve in this life, and that is to be part of meaningful moments. Meaningful moments rarely happen in front of the TV or on your Facebook timeline. Meaningful moments are rarely captured on the countless selfies that are taken. Meaningful moments come as a result of personal inspiration that meets collective inspiration. Meaningful moments happen in a special smile, a sunset, a hug or a simple "thank you". Meaningful moments are those special gems that get placed in the album of your life that you get to look at whenever you want.

Testimonial: "I was feeling lost for a very long time, which led to a build-up of frustration, anger and depression. However, that allowed me to look for answers to my life. That's when I stumbled across Donovan's work. He is such a great guide and a true source of wisdom. I am happy to say that thanks to our journey together, I am on the right path and I know where I want to go in life."

In The Blink Of An Eye

... And then its all over. That's how fast this life goes. In an instant your part to play will come to an end. Its difficult to acknowledge these fleeting moments that we get blessed with every day. We assume there will always be tomorrow and then next day and the day after that to do something meaningful and purposeful with our lives, only to look up one day and realise how old we have become. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting old, but to get old and live with the regret of not taking a chance, not exploring your potential and not living life to the fullest must be heart breaking.

Unleash Your Greatness

Untie the knots of doubt. Put down the burdens of guilt. Throw away the trash that says you can't... And realise this pill of truth. All your fears, limitations and negative beliefs are all figments of your imagination. Yes, maybe your family, friends and/or culture may have told you these things, but it was your mind that accepted them as truth. Maybe you feel you don't have time to change. Or maybe you think you are too old... or too young. Maybe you think you don't have the right experience, or the right connections, or the hundred, million excuses that your complacent mind will try to justify creating change in your life (apologies if I did some tough talk there). Allow yourself see through the veil of these fairy tales. Success isn't about not having a limited background. Success is acting in accordance with your highest values in spite of your limited background. Success is a mountain that must be climbed. Success is knowing it may get tough, but that you are tougher than any criticism out there. World class success demands that you give your best in the face of adversity and that you will be well rewarded for doing so. Unleash your greatness! What is holding you back from being all that you can be? What lies are you choosing to believe that says you can't do this? Who's life are you living?

Become Your Own Hero

No one is coming to save you. There is a good change you won't win the lottery and there is a better chance that your life will look almost identical in 10 years from now (just with more gray hair!). You are the only person who is going to do this for you. The funny thing is, is that it was always you that was going to get you unstuck. You are the one person who was there when you were born and will be by your side when you die. You are your best friend and your own hero. Its time to acknowledge that chap in the mirror. Its never too late to be great!

Testimonial: "Donovan made me feel very at ease throughout the sessions. I felt very comfortable opening up about my personal life with him, and he asked all the right questions to get us both to a point of deeper understanding. It was truly eye-opening for me, and he helped me connect the dots on many levels. Donovan has a very calm demeanor about him, so the guided meditation he led me through to get to the point of hypnosis was effortless for him, and myself. I will see him again, and I highly recommend Donovan."

The Legacy Of A Legend

Life is for the living! You get one shot at it. It's time to show this world why you were born! You don't have to discover the cure for a disease or make a timeless classic. You don't have to do much change your life for the better. You know deep down in your soul what you want from life. You even know how to do it. You just need to start digging in the treasure chest of your ambitions, dreams, ideas and desires. The legacy of a legend is awakened one moment at a time, and like a snow ball that builds into an avalanche, so too will you build your way to an inspiring life story.

I Can Be Your Guide

A great team needs a great coach. I will be your coach to greatness. I will help bring out your greatest assets, talents and skills that will forge your path to success. Using powerful techniques from hypnotherapy and life coaching, I will help you discover the limitations that have been holding you back, bring out your deepest values and guide you towards your ideal motivations in life. We all have something to offer this world and it is our job and our duty to ourselves to discover what that is. I can be that person helps you find what you are looking for.

Testimonial: "I found that there were a few areas in my life that I was not moving forward with. I just didn’t have the energy to exercise or get round to some important tasks on my to do list. I knew that I needed to do it but just didn’t know how to get started or even motivated. I knew that these things were holding me back in a lot of ways because they were the steps that would move me forward in life. What Donovan showed me was how to break things down into manageable steps that were not going to take much energy and would get me to where I needed to go to make a change. I found myself ‘clicking’ as to the core reasons why I wasn’t taking action and also as to why I was avoiding these areas of my life. It feels much lighter now after our sessions, I have a renewed energy and am fulfilling the goals for the areas in my life that were once lacking.."

Important Information

This program is based on deep spiritual principles and will delve into some core issues of why you are on Earth and what you came here to do. It is not biased in any way to a religious belief and rather aligns to what you, the client desires on an authentic level.

Re-discover Your Authentic Self

You will be able to follow the 6 Spiritual Intelligence steps to help you find what you are looking for in life.
You will discover:

  1. Where you are right now
  2. Reflect on what change means to you
  3. Find your personal center and what are your deepest motivations
  4. Discover and dissolve any obstacles
  5. Explore many possibilities going forward
  6. Commit to a path & remain aware that there are many paths

This life purpose journey is based on the PERFECT model

  1. P: Personal learning and development
  2. E: Entrepreneurial control and autonomy
  3. R: Religious/Philosophical values
  4. F: Family fulfillment/Thriving
  5. E: Expressiveness – Are you able to be creative?
  6. C: Community – Can you serve others?
  7. T: Talents – Does your work fully utilize your unique combinations of skills and talents?
How Many Sessions To Start With?

It is advised to start with a minimum of 4 sessions and measure the progress being made along the way. This ensures time for feedback, acknowledgement of successes, rectifying any setbacks and fine-tuning positive behavioural changes. If the presenting situation is more serious with complications that must be addressed and dealt with, then it will be essential to consider further sessions.

4 Session Life Purpose Package: Total: R2,160

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