Awaken Your Soul Purpose - Spiritual Retreat
Clear View Lodge - Magaliesburg 27-29Sept 2019

The path we walk in life is unique and beautiful to each person. Allow us to help you see for yourself how beautiful your path is. Namaste
Total price for the entire weekend's retreat which includes all meals and accommodation is only R3,800! Plus you only need to pay your 50% deposit now to secure your spot.

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It's time to unleash the transformational growth in yourself and live a life a true mastery. It's time to tap into your many strengths and bring them to the surface to create positive change in your life.
With years of collective experience, wisdom and insight, the team at Awaken Your Soul Purpose will do just, and help you wake up to your own true potential and purpose.

Magic happens when great minds come together. Our specialist team of experts are eager to guide, motivate and inspire you through what will certainly be a profound and memorable journey to finding your true self.

We want to invite those souls who are starting to wake up to their true nature to spend some time away from the city in Magaliesburg as we explore this process and learn to harness its energy for the betterment of not only ourselves, but also those around us. We are the guardians of this precious land. We are the ones who will pass the baton on to the next generation. We are the ones who will build a better future. Therefore it is our duty to find our gift and then figure out how to give that gift to the world. This gift can be as grand as innovation that affects many lives, to simply being able to find our happiness and in so, help others to find their happiness. We want to help you work with your gift, help open your spiritual eyes and show how you important you are to this world.

We invite you to come join our spiritual retreat. It a beautiful place called Clear View Lodge, close to Hartbeespoort dam.
Together we will go on journeys, both mystical and transcendental. We will begin to see through the veil that often seems to separate our normal lives from our spiritual selves. We will learn about ourselves, our purpose and our relationship with the world around us. This awesome retreat will help all of us connect to who we really are, to each other, to nature and to spirit.

Here is just some of what we will explore:
Reaching For Success
Life Purpose
The Medicine Wheel
Fire Release Ceremony
Transpersonal Breathwork
Sleep, Dreams & Astral Projection
Metaphysical Group Hypnosis To Meet Your Spirit Guides
Inspirational Talk By Motivational Speaker Alison Botha
Transformational Coaching Sessions
Philosophical/Spiritual Nature Walks
How To Use The Law Of Attraction
Shamanic Journeying
How To Be Psychic
The Zen Mindset

We believe that souls around the world are starting to wake up to their true nature.
We believe these souls are yearning to follow their true path.
We believe many of those souls are living right here in South Africa.

The path we walk in life is unique and beautiful to each person. Allow us to help you see for yourself how beautiful your path is. Namaste